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Although daily living conditions of everybody became good, but the pressure of people is bigger and bigger however, often be under high pressure, it is the body and mind that causes a person very easily is affected, generation is various unwell, if the person’s cerebra is in high-pressured environment for a long time to fall, cannot get in time alleviating, it is very easy appear depressed, depressed disease is very common disease, suffer from nevertheless on depressed disease need has treatment actively, what does melancholia eat to feedForum of Shanghai night net

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Is thing good?

Alleviate what does blue food have

It what food melancholia eats is good that what food melancholia eats?

1, banana

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To depressed disease, eating banana more have profit for certain, because one kind is contained to be able to raise the alkaloid matter with stimulant human body in banana, and rich lubricious ammonia acid and vitamin B are contained in banana, effectively slow and somber mood, hearten spirit.

2, spinach

Many iron is contained to be mixed character in spinach folic acid, it is two kinds of microelement with airframe indispensible place. Once lack, cause the mental sex disease such as depressed disease probably. And, long-term folic acid and iron pledge content absorbs insufficient person, meeting occurrence insomnia the symptom such as angst of forgetful, mood, as time passes, with respect toFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Meet those who cause depressed disease happen.

3, pumpkin

Many vitamin B and iron are contained to pledge in pumpkin, these two kinds of nutriment can help airframe effectively finish blood sugar to change, the blood sugar that store change is dextrose, those who raise cerebral ministry is stimulant, can retain the exuberant vigor of airframe effectively.

4, cherry

Cherry is called by western doctor natural aspirin. Because there is a kind of material that calls cyanine element in cherry, can make joy. People has 20 cherry when the mood is bad more effective than having any remedy.

5, deep-sea fish

Consider to discover, the whole world lives in the person of the seaside to compare joy. This just does not make person mind clear enrage bright because of the sea, because live in the person of the seaside,still be more often have a fish. The research of haing Buddha university points out, Forum of Shanghai night net

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The Omega-3 fatty acid in sea fish and if carbonic acid lithium has similar action,fight blue drug commonly usedly, can block breaks nerve to conduct method, the exudation that adds serum element is measured.

Alleviate what does blue food have

The preventive of depressed disease

1. decreases exciting

Prevent depressed disease recrudesce, should avoid to be stimulated overly or stimulation is too little, encounter unwell outside stimulation, should seasonable channel processing, retain a patient pleasurable, come on in order to decrease. Of patient of depressed to essence of life disease nurse, should differentiate card is applied protect.

2. assures Morpheus

Long-term insomnia may cause depressed disease, if have insomnious worry, want to try to solve. The United States studies the report shows, enough sleep can reduce the sicken odds of depressed disease, researcherLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Point out, enough sleep still can have precaution and the effect that treat depressed disease.

3. holds to reasonable move

Carry kinetic energy strengthens the metabolism of human body, sparse release loses sexual psychology energy, avoid the show effect of depressed disease effectively, motion still conduces to enhance a constitution, produce active psychology to experience, improve a sentiment quickly, eliminate a series of depressed symptoms. The precaution of depressed disease should avoid undesirable incident effect.

Alleviate what does blue food have

4. is seasonable alleviate pressure

When you feel pressure is too great, can do a few relaxation exercise, alleviate pressure, the composed decompression function with have oxygen to move to suit; certain food to have very much to the female gem gal, contemplative or particular, wait like big jujube, milk. But want to notice, these food cannot be replaced communicate and treat correctly.

5. is built reliable human concern

What should produce when adverse event, have the person of an OK and complete reliance, no matter be kin, spouse or friend, it is to prevent depressed the most important assure one of. IfForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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You still are done not have so a close human relationship that can rely on, your friend also cannot be offerred to you can help you prevent depressed emotional support, you should think method begins to establish such supportive relationship.

6. takes heredity seriously element

One of preventive of depressed disease are the action that avoids genetic element, because this is in,discretion answers when choose idol, choose as far as possible familial in the mental medical history such as relentless move obstacle, unmanned case the object of the medical history such as unusual, suicide, excessive drinking, in order to achieve prepotent actor Yo.

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