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Cashew is a kind of very common food actually, this belongs to dry fruit, special love has a lot of people, and unripe cashew also is to be able to eat, flavour is completely different, meeting more have moisture content of a few, do not have so much no-no item to cashew, a lot of people can eat, contain more oil among them nevertheless, saying so had better be not one-time absorb overmuch.

 Cashew is unripe can eat

Cashew is a kind of nutrition is abounded, the dried fruit with sweet smell, can become snacks edible, can make delicate cate again.

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Nutrient analyse] :

The certain vitamin in ⒈ cashew and microelement composition have the effect of very good bate blood-vessel, disease of heart and vessels of hemal to protection, prevention and cure is in benignantly greatly.

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⒉ contains abundant oil, can embellish bowel is aperient, embellish skin hairdressing, defer consenescence.

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Can enhance airframe disease-resistant ability, promotional sexual desire, make gain weight.

[cashew suits a crowd] : Commonly the crowd all can be used

Fat of ⒈ cashew oiliness is rich, reason does not suit bravery function serious and undesirable person, patient of enteritis, diarrhoea and; of edible of phlegmy much patient

 Cashew is unripe can eat

The fatty acid that ⒉ cashew contains belongs to a kind of benign fatty acid, although make not easily person put on weight, but still should not be edible is overmuch, especially obese person more want careful with.

⒊ cashew contains a variety of allergen, to the person of allergic constitution, may cause certain allergic reaction.

[cashew dietotherapy action] : Pleasant of cashew sex flavour, smooth, have the effect that step-down, beneficial colour, prolong life, diuresis drops in temperature.

Abstain saline cashew

[material] cashew salt oil does not put salt also very crisp


1, cashew is washed completely, air

2, put cashew those who take cover to last in the box

3, add 4 grams oil of vegetable of salt, one spoon

4, control up and down shake a little while

5, put into oven after 30 minutes

6, 180 degrees 18 minutes to color golden

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PS: Salt and oily dosage can be controlled by oneself, health is on.

It is with 500 grams exemple, cashew market price is 25-33 yuan, the saline cashew of the supermarket 350 grams, 62 yuan

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A thick soup of lotus Yi cashew:

[raw material] cashew, lotus seed, tuckahoe, the seed of Job’s tears, Gorgon fruit, lotus root starch each 50 grams, polished glutinous rice 100 grams, white sugar is right amount.


⒈ cashew, lotus seed adds water to thoroughly cook, scoop drop to work.

⒉ tuckahoe, the seed of Job’s tears, Gorgon fruit, polished glutinous rice adds water to boil soft, put into fruit juice machine to be hit into paste.

 Cashew is unripe can eat

⒊ joins cashew, lotus seed rice a thick soup in, add white sugar to mix divide evenly.

⒋ lotus root starch adds right amount Wen Shui smooth, join rice a thick soup to mix divide evenly can.

[usage] edible of morning and evening.

[effect] filling embellish the five internal organs, calm the nerves, apply to neurasthenic and insomnia person.

Soup of mushroom of gold of cashew of the tuber of elevated gastrodia:

[raw materialNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
] snow lotus seed, 39, unripe cashew 39, golden stay of proceedings half jins, money of 1-2 of Jiang Pian a few, the tuber of elevated gastrodia, salt is right amount


1, snow lotus seed, unripe cashew first abluent, bubble leaves. Golden stay of proceedings is abluent, cut paragraphs small.

2, take the handleless cup that stew, put cashew and other stuff, add right amount salt to flavor, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Add film of the Bao Jie on full water, lid to had been sealed, evaporate 1-2 hour.

[effect] demulcent, composed, fight convulsions action, reduce blood pressure, bright look, add wisdom action

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