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Pumpkin congee is a kind of common health care is raisedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Give birth to congee, often drink pumpkin congee at ordinary times, very good platoon poison is raised colour action, in precautionary constipation, dry respect has precautionary skin certain result, those who want to do pumpkin congee is delicious, want to prepare right amount rice above all, prepare right amount pumpkin, had better want to immerse rice ahead of schedule before do half hour left and right sides, congee does such pumpkin to meet more soft glutinous.

How to do pumpkin congee delicious

How to do pumpkin congee delicious

Raw material: Pumpkin a jin half, superior maize 59.

Practice: 1, first pumpkin flay abluent cut agglomerate shape to reserve.

2, after cleaning out only rice again bubble 30 minutes, make grain of rice sufficient imbibe, ability infusion goes out soft stiff congee.

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Rice reachs pumpkin piece buy to enter boiler in, add right amount water, water comes with adj/LIT wide raw material face 15 centimeters had better.

4, boil with fierce anger first, convert next slow fire, ceaseless agitate, come really grain of rice is completely know sth thoroughly, can accomplish one boiler delicate pumpkin congee.

Ji of large kitchen secret:

1, the congee of the rice below cold water that boil is good. Because boil the boil in wanting to put grain of rice and cold water bowl together when congee, ability makes grain of rice sufficient suck1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Receive moisture, boil the congee that come out talent will be more welcome soft. Otherwise, grain of rice is harder, congee is not stiff.

How to do pumpkin congee delicious

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, the duration that has mastered the congee that boil. After the rice in boiler and water use flourishing fire boil first, should turn at once for small fire, the attention does not let congee juice excessive come out, build slowly again on boiler lid, gist is cap does not want all lid to father, boil slow with small fire become namely.

The effect of pumpkin congee and action

As a kind of nutrition delicate common raiseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Give birth to congee, the effect of pumpkin congee and action are very much. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, pumpkin sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant is avirulent, enter lienal, stomach 2 classics, can embellish lung beneficial is angry, expectorant platoon is thick, drive bug is alexipharmic, treat cough stop asthma, cure lung carbuncle and constipation. In addition, pumpkin still has the diuresis, effect such as hairdressing. Modern medicine considers to express, contain a lot ofin pumpkin pectic with the vitamin, pectic have very good adsorptive sex, can felt and remove toxin of the bacterium inside body and other and harmful material, be like the lead in heavy metal, mercury and radioelement, because this uses pumpkin,have alexipharmic effect. In pumpkin pectic still can protect mucous membrane of gastric bowel path, stimulative ulcer face cicatrizations, strengthen gastric bowel peristalsis, help food digest thereby.

How to do pumpkin congee delicious

Pumpkin is had hamper certainly1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Effect, edible pumpkin congee can can remove carcinogenic substance inferior the choppy action of saltpetre amine, help the refreshment of function of liver, kidney, enhance the recovery capability of cell of liver, kidney. Pumpkin contains rich cobalt, the metabolism of cobaltic can active human body, stimulative hematopoiesis function, participate in the synthesis of B12 of the vitamin inside human body, it is the microelement with indispensible place of cell of human body pancreas islet, diabetic to preventing and cure, reduce blood sugar to have special curative effect. To darling, pumpkin congee is very good complementary feed, because pumpkin congee contains a lot ofrich zincic element, can promote darling growing growth, make darling fast tall grown.

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