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Hotpot is the flesh with a kind of more unique flavor kind, and hotpot sex is hot, in the winter when eat hotpot to be able to make human body feels special warmth. But, because the smell of mutton of hotpot is heavier, if want,take the word of hotpot so, use condiment with respect to need other perhaps feed material to squelch the flavour of hotpot. Chinese cabbage fries hotpot is the way is simpler kind among hotpot. So, is Chinese cabbage fries hotpot how do?

Chinese cabbage fries hotpot

How had hotpot and Chinese cabbage eaten

1, the practice of the hotpot Chinese cabbage that stew

Material: ? 10g of 30g of 20g of 400g of Ling?00g, Chinese cabbage, ginger, garlic, anise, laurelFall in love with the sea

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20g of 40g of 20g of leather 10g, oily 50g, chopped green onion, chili 20g, salt 20g, candy, cooking wine, old smoke 10g of essence of 10g, chicken.


Wash hotpot clean first, air, cut hotpot about the same size with the penknife next piece, put a Xiaotie inside the basin. Heat half boiler water with boiler, unlock the hotpot that has cut Shui Chao 5 minutes, fish out, rinse, air can! Wash the Chinese cabbage that buys clean, air, cut chunk with the penknife, measure needs only at the back of equipment. Burn heat with small firebrand boiler, put oil, fry the Chinese cabbage stir-fry before stewing of air next to hair fade can. Conflagration heats the redundant moisture content in boiler, put right amount oil, fry fleshy stir-fry before stewing close to water dry can. The moisture of hotpot closes after working, put cooking wine to go right amountlyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Raw meat or fish and coquettish flavour. After joining cooking wine, put a bowl of big water, put next next chili, cassia bark, ginger, anise, candy and often smoke, conflagration is boiled, use small fire to boil 50 minutes finally can. Small fire boils 50 minutesShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Can smell the fragrance of hotpot, this is we add salt to flavor with respect to need, join right amount salt, next conflagration closes do redundant moisture. Put Chinese cabbage into hotpot next in can. Use conflagration to boil, thoroughly cook till Chinese cabbage, about 10 minutes. Flavor finally, fill again add salt, add right amount chicken essence of life, the condiment such as garlic can.

Chinese cabbage fries hotpot

2, the practice that hotpot fries Chinese cabbage

Material: ? Ling? is thin) 100 grams, Chinese cabbage (Bai Geng) 150 grams, rapeseed oil 15 grams, cooking wine 5 grams, soy 10 grams, salt 3 grams, green Chinese onion 3 grams, ginger 3 grams, Bai Sha candy is 3 grams, amylaceous (corn) 5 grams.

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hotpot slice, with soy, amylaceous, green, ginger, salt, bloat be soiled section of stalk of Chinese cabbage of half hours of; general, it is good to add salt to fry with oil case piece reserve; general oily boiler boils heat, next cutlet that enter a sheep use flourishing fire to fry, put the Chinese cabbage that has fried next, join other material to be fried together, put the amylaceous air that go into juice finally, mix divide evenly is boiled become namely.

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