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Article introduction

Song Rong is a kind of rarer edible bacterium, also be called the king in bacterium, the action to sanitarian body respect is very pretty good, song Rong does not have poison, it is complete green food, say to be able to be at ease so eat, have a way alsoFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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More, can eat raw already, also can make a few delicate cate, in recuperation the body and sanitarian body respect can produce very good effect. We will read the content of this respect.

Song Rong is poisonous

Song Rong is poisonous

1, Song Rong does not have poison.

Although Song Rong is feral edible fungus, but oneself of this kind of bacterium does not contain toxin, also won’t produce toxin sex material in surface layer, belong to the healthy fungus of complete green, can be at ease edible.

2, Song Rong can be eaten raw completely.

Song Rong belongs to the green fungus of day of heat, do not contain toxin, also do not contain hard digestive composition, can eat raw completely, and eat raw still have a lot of profit, when effective prophylaxis and treatment heats, can make battalion nurturance billabong of Song Rong is broken.

Song Rong is poisonous

What is the contraindication that eats Song Rong

Song Rong in the market the price is very costly, because be edible value of Song Rong or officinal value without giving thought to,this is exceedingly tall, and the understanding of a lot of people to Song Rong is to know it is very expensive merely, so, other with respect to utterly ignorant, so, small today make up understand together with everybody, what thing of Song Rong.

Above all, when we are eating Song Rong, need understands, song Rong has what contraindication, cannot enough blind edible, can affect Song Rong’s result otherwise, the food that has wasted does not say, because do not take care to eat bad food,still meet very likely, and generation noxiousness, the health that lets you is damaged, we understand below, with what cannot Song Rong eat together?

1, Song Rong cannot eat together with soft carapace food

The vitamin of certain amount is contained in Song Rong, especially vitamin C and vitamin E, vitamin C and soft armour kind the arsenic in food kind material reacts each other, generate a virose arsenic, have great loss to liver.

Song Rong is poisonous

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, Song Rong cannot eat together with tall grease food

Taller oil is contained originally in Song RongLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Fat kind material, basically be the not saturated fatty acid such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmy acid, if will loosen fine and soft and other oil kind food eats together, can reduce human body to be opposite in Song Rong of not saturated fatty acid absorb, reduce1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Nutrient value of Song Rong. Accordingly, song Rong suits delicate.

3, Song Rong cannot eat together with fast calcic food

The oxalic acid of certain amount and vitamin D are contained in Song Rong, vitamin D can promote food after absorb in of mineral calcium absorb, and oxalic acid can be mixed more mineral be united in wedlock first, generate dissolve hardLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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material, uric road stone is caused even when edible is overmuch together.

Take Song Rong’s note: . The part in Song Rong is complex, accordingly, the person of allergic constitution does not suit to eat more, lest cause allergy.

Song Rong can be eaten raw, also can ripe eat, but the pine that eat rawForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Fine and soft must fresh, the Song Rong that metamorphism becomes angry does not suit edible.

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