World cups of 2017 Si Nuo gram 24 teams take part in the match partner of rich of article of list Ding Junhui bridge

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Beijing time on June 13 message, sinuoke took part in the match 24 times of the world cup 2017 team list already was announced by the government, china will send two teams to take part in the match, among them Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo will form 1 group of Chinese, yan Bingtao and Zhou Yuelong form 2 groups of Chinese. The 上海贵族宝贝论坛

Chinese athlete that ever gained the championship in this match for two times, current race will strive to defend crown.

Si Nuo overcame a world cup 2017 will on July 3-9 day does not have stannic city to hold in Jiangsu province, current match shares 24 teams to take part in the match, the government announces take part in the match in list, 1 team of Chinese is comprised by Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo, the member of 2 teams of Chinese is Yan Bingtao and Zhou Yuelong. These two pairs of combination represented China to carry off 2015 at was being mixed 2011 respectively champion, among them Yan Bingtao and Zhou Yuelong are the current champion that defend crown.

Besides, the famous general all such as Telumupu, Xijinsi, Fu Jiaj爱上海同城论坛

un, Luo Baixun takes part in the match. Among them Telumupu represents England group, xijinsi represents Scotland group, fu Jiajun and partner of Wei of sign of another player division form group of Chinese Hong Kong, luo Baixun criterion arrange Australian line blast in.

Virgin at the Sinuoke 1979 the world cup is surpassed, michael of the member that overcome explanation by famous Si Nuo – Watterson is established. Although be after 2001,ever was forced because of cut funds reason close down 10 years, but this match was returned to afresh 2011 eventually. This second match holds the ground not to have stannum, began to hold 7 worlds Si Nuo successfully to overcome the elite that do not have stannum to surpass from 2008, 2008-2011 year for invitational tournament. Mixed 2015 successive this year two hold Si Nuo to overcome a world cup to surpass.

The contest of current match is made爱上海同城论坛

will still continue 2015, 24 take part in the match the form that the team uses group loop and knockout band, every match holds a sheet concurrently to the person defies and view and admire the two-men antagonism with stronger sex. Chinese team the identity with Amphitryon, those who acquired two teams take part in the match opportunity.

Every take part in the match the team all is comprised by two team member, share Si Nuo of 48 players main contend to overcome world cup champion so, take part in the match to the Si Nuo of a sports seas上海同城对对碰交友社区

on overcomes the world to rank choose before player basis and arise. The total stake of current match is 800 thousand U.S. dollor, among them the stake that championship team will acquire 200 thousand U.S. dollor.

Si Nuo overcame a world cup 2017 24 teams take part in the match list:

1 team of Chinese: Ding Junhui, Liang 上海千花网论坛


2 teams of Chinese: Yan Bingtao, week jumps dragon

England: Judd – Telumupu, cling to in – Hawkins

Australia: Neal – Luo Baixun, library is special – Du Han Mu

Chinese Hong Kong: Fu Jiajun, Ou Zhiwei

Scotland: John – Xijinsi, Anthony – Maikejier

Cambria: Mark – Williams Mu this, lucky favour –

Ireland: Fujiaer上海千花网交友

– Aobulaien, agree – Dahedi

Norwegian: Kurt – Ma Fulin, Christopher – Watts

Northern Ireland: Mark – Allan, tall – Siweier

Thailand: The tower is guessed inferior, Sangkanmu

Belgian: Lu Ka – lay mines cuts Er, Jeff – Yagebusi

India: Ai Di tower – plum tower, Buliji – Damani

Brazil: Yi Gore – Feigeleiduo, Yidaluo – Sangtuosi

Malta: Alaikesi – rich case, Deng Ken – Beijina

Iran: Hou Sai because – made of baked clay humble, Wahedi

Malaysia: Tu Zhenlong, Mo Jianhao

Germany: Lucas – Kelaikesi, Simon – Lijidengbao

Pakistan: Hamuza – Akeba, Xiahelamu – Chang Gaiji

Cyprus: Michael Er – Qiao Zhiou, Anthony this – Pulesi

Switzerland: Alexander – Wu Sen Bach, Da Lun – Paris

Egypt: Hatemu – inferior dark, Basaimu – Aidahan

Israel: Yi Deng – Xialuofu, Xia Sha – Lubeierge

Finnish: Robin – Hull, Hai Ji – the Buddhist nun is made of baked clay

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