Foreign player expects ” wild big armed escort 2 ” land PC to abstain PC edition video

” wild big armed escort 2 ” it is player of a lot of PC special a game that expect, although R star government had be notted announce formally, but almost OK and affirmative is PC edition it is time problem only, is not had problem.
A player of foreign shared a paragraph recently ” wild big armed escort 2 ” ” PC edition ” video, at first sight still thinks is true PC edition, but after the deliberate of the intermediary outside the course, discover this is a bogus video likely very. The reason is as follows. It is when this player browses menu interface we listen to less than allowing above all why the mouse clicks sound. Do not have in addition any ” exit ” pushbutton, let a thing become more doubtful. It is this player did not reveal use mouse and clavier to handle amuse oneself appearance actually next, although this is OK also,through using tripartite the tool is mixed applied general mouse and clavier come true to PS4 repeatedly. Finally, the menu list in feeling video is a bit strange, regular PC edition game won’t be first show these option, for instance map, help, plan, player, the story is waited a moment.

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