[be pregnant can take lotus root] _ pregnancy can take lotus root _ is pregnant take lotus root –

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The female is right after be pregnant food nutritionA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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More, so a lot of families value the food of pregnant woman very much, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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But the effect that if food is undeserved,can have to be just the opposite to what one wished only, a lot of female do not know lotus root pregnancy can be abnormal edible, an understanding falls below.

Lotus root, it is the subterranean bine of lotus hypertrophy, have a red-letter day, among1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Silk is linked together, can make edible. Lotus root is small sweet and fragile, can be born feed also can make food, and officinal value is quite high, its root root leaf, the flower needs fructification, all without exception is treasure, dou Kezi fills be used as medicine. Lotus cropland basically is born in marsh help advance somebody’s career, chinese Hubei teems with lotus lotus root.

Be pregnant can take lotus root

Can eat. Lotus root contains enzymatic part of C of amylaceous, protein, lucid asparagus element, vitamin and oxidation, the volume that contain sugar is very high also, eat Xian Ouneng raw clear hot solution is irritated, satisfy one’s thirst stops vomit;

Value of nutrition of every kinds of alimental is different, can eat to lotus root pregnancy namely above the introduction, actually pregnancy has a lot of food also can eat, but cannot eat a kind of food only, want to notice nutrition is balanced.

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